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Have We Reached a MN Budget Deal?

Earlier today, Gov. Mark Dayton of Minnesota sent a letter to Republican leaders stating he would accept their June 30th budget offer which he has previously rejected.  This acceptance does not come without some strings.  He will require them to remove some of the policy changes, and if you read his actual letter, he is … Continue reading

Ideologies Collide

If you are following the #mnshutdown hashtag on Twitter, you are very aware that there are two main mantras coming from the left:  “Tax the Rich” and “The #MNGOP is doing nothing and its their fault.”  The class warfare that we are seeing as a result of the shutdown is disturbing, and the rhetoric about … Continue reading

Battle of Principles Rages On in Minnesota

Top things I’m tired of hearing from the left: Tax the Rich. Shared Sacrifice. The millionaires won’t miss it. Top things they need to hear: We have a spending problem. No new taxes. Period. When I engage in debate with Democrats on the Minnesota Government shutdown, their argument is always the same. “The millionaires won’t … Continue reading

Quit Picking on the Top 2%

I might just explode if I hear one more person say that the top 2% isn’t willing to pay their share! Are you kidding me? When did we become a nation (or state) that is ok with punishing innovation, hard work and success? I don’t care if you are Bill Gates and have millions to … Continue reading

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