The Problem with Entitlement, and How to Fix It

This PJTV video is old news, but if you haven’t seen it, it is worth 5 minutes of your time to do so.

I’ve been talking about the problem of entitlement for a long time, and this video is a perfect explanation of why today’s ’20 somethings’ are protesting in the streets, inciting class warfare, and touting more social programs. They are used to getting everthing they want, but they are not used to working hard to get it. If something doesn’t go their way, then they cry and scream until the tide changes. Case in point: the occupiers.

I’ll go a step farther than Bill Whittle. I say we ship them all off to a small village in Africa so they can see what poor really is.  99.9% of POOR Americans have a refrigerator, and 98.7 have a color television. 98.5% have a stove and oven. (Heritage Foundation: Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?)  While I haven’t personally visited poor villages in Africa, I’m going to venture a guess that many have NONE of these things. So my message to the occupiers? Quit bitching about being poor, because you don’t know what poor is.


About Eye on Politics

I am a business owner, consultant, speaker, trainer, wife and mom of 3 amazing kids who is passionate about keeping America great for generations to come. I also like to keep a watchful eye on society, culture and the realities of life. Life is interesting - we may as well blog or tweet about it!


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