Twirling Around in Herman Cain’s Head

Oh dear.

If you haven’t heard about Herman Cain’s Libya gaffe yet, you are probably living under a rock.  Its the latest in a series of missteps that Cain will probably not be able to recover from.  Forget the sexual harassment accusations, Cain is taking himself down with the issues.  Watch this latest video on Libya:

The thing Conservatives like about Cain, is, ironically, the thing that concerns them the most: Cain’s lack of political experience.  Throw in a displayed lack of foreign policy experience, and the supporters drop like flies. There is no doubt he is a intelligent and accomplished business man and his straight talk is more than appealing. Of the frontrunners, he most closely falls into the mold of the Conservative we are looking for in 2012, except for that pesky political and foreign policy experience thing we all keep trying to forget.

I hate to say it, but I think Cain’s days are numbered unless he can flash those pearly whites and somehow convince us otherwise.  But, I’m not holding my breath.


About Eye on Politics

I am a business owner, consultant, speaker, trainer, wife and mom of 3 amazing kids who is passionate about keeping America great for generations to come. I also like to keep a watchful eye on society, culture and the realities of life. Life is interesting - we may as well blog or tweet about it!


2 thoughts on “Twirling Around in Herman Cain’s Head

  1. Refreshing and ‘not-a-moment-too-late’ the Cain Bandwagon may finally be coming to a slow and fateful halt…
    (loved the ‘flash those pearly whites’ comment LOL)

    Posted by Snap (@sNapPpeRHeaD) | November 15, 2011, 11:30 AM

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