No Fair! My Employer is Making Me Work!

'IMGP2667' photo (c) 2007, djLicious - license: economy is teetering on the brink and thousands upon thousands of people are looking for a job. You would think that anyone who actually HAS a job would be grateful, but no. Leave it to a parking lot attendant at Target to showcase the problem with the Millennial generation – an atrocious sense of entitlement.

From Bloomberg:

Anthony Hardwick says he resents working at Target Corp. (TGT) on Thanksgiving and has garnered more than 37,000 signatures on an online protest petition.

Hardwick, 29, who says he has been a Target parking attendant in Omaha, Nebraska, for three years, began the petition two weeks ago on the website after learning that he and his coworkers would be required to start at 11 p.m. Nov. 24 for a 10-hour shift.

The nerve. Expecting a retail worker to work at 11 p.m. on a holiday. What would this guy do if he was in the restaurant industry? (Then he’d be starting at 4pm to serve dinner to patrons. Can you imagine? The horror.)

“I was so disappointed the day I found out about this because I did the math in my head and I was going to have to go to bed in the early afternoon on Thanksgiving to go in and work 10 hours,” Hardwick said in a telephone interview. “Everyone at work was resigned because the economy is bad and so our employer has us over a barrel.”

From The Consumerist:

As of now, more than 9,000 75,520 (as of 10:24 p.m.) people have signed the petition asking Target HQ to wait until 5 a.m. on Black Friday to open the stores.

Reads the petition: “A midnight opening robs the hourly and in-store salary workers of time off with their families on Thanksgiving Day. By opening the doors at midnight, Target is requiring team members to be in the store by 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. A full holiday with family is not just for the elite of this nation — all Americans should be able to break bread with loved ones and get a good night’s rest on Thanksgiving!”

Don’t doctors and nurses have to work on Thanksgiving? What about police officers and firefighters? A holiday with family is just for the “elite?” Are you kidding me? I guess we can’t miss an opportunity to play the class warfare card, however ridiculous.

Do these people wonder why its hard to find a job? Note to the Millenials who think this guy has a valid complaint: When you take a job, you accept a list of responsibilities. Don’t complain when someone asks you to do your job, because there are thousands of people out there who would be happy to switch places with you and work at 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving to get the first paycheck they’ve seen in months. The world does not revolve around you and your Turkey dinner.

A manager of a Michigan Target tell CBS Detroit, “We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve… I don’t like the fact I have to come in on Thanskgiving, but when you work in retail it’s the nature of the beast.”

Finally, some sanity.


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