The Cain Train & an Absent Bachmann?

Herman Cain won the straw poll at the Midwest Leadership Conference held in Minnesota yesterday.  Not only did he win, but it was a landslide.  Taking 52.6% of the vote, Cain walked away with a clear victory.  Coming in second place was Michele Bachmann with 12.2% of the vote, followed by Romney (11.1%), Paul (10.7%), Perry (4%), Gingrich (3.3%), Santorum (2%), Huntsman (.9%) and Johnson (.2%).

In Bachmann’s home territory, one would have expected her to do better, but conversations at the conference revealed frustration with her commitment and respect for those that have worked to elect her in the past.

“I found it offensive that Bachmann wouldn’t even bother to send a video message, or have any presence at all.  It seems this event didn’t matter to her.  We are in her home state and many of the people in attendance here have put blood, sweat and tears into her past campaigns.  Its offensive for her to not acknowledge that.”

Did Bachmann make a big mistake or a wise move?  With her position dropping in the polls, she was not a likely choice to win the straw poll.  Perhaps it was safer for her to remove herself completely and not ask for the support.  At least then she didn’t have to answer any questions on why she lost a straw poll in her own home state.


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