Ideologies Collide

If you are following the #mnshutdown hashtag on Twitter, you are very aware that there are two main mantras coming from the left:  “Tax the Rich” and “The #MNGOP is doing nothing and its their fault.”  The class warfare that we are seeing as a result of the shutdown is disturbing, and the rhetoric about the GOP doing “nothing” is just completely untrue.

Both sides have presented ideas with no agreement, leaving us at a crucial point in Minnesota history.  We have the ultimate clash in ideology, which has now resulted in a government shutdown, and both sides are digging in for the long haul.  Since neither wants to budge, we can expect a lot of poltical games to fill the time.  This week its all about taking away your beer.  Next week it will be something else to build irrational outrage with the public.

Today, Michael Brodkorb posted a visual of the proposals and events that have taken place during the budget negotiations.  Enjoy the summary.  I have a hunch that time line is going to get much longer before we are done.

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