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Quit Picking on the Top 2%

I might just explode if I hear one more person say that the top 2% isn’t willing to pay their share!

Are you kidding me? When did we become a nation (or state) that is ok with punishing innovation, hard work and success? I don’t care if you are Bill Gates and have millions to spare, the fact is that you have EARNED that money. For everyone (legislators and citizens) who use the argument that the rich can afford it…who made you God? Who decides what is “enough?” Is it $100k? $500k? $1 million? 1 billion?

What about the fact that many of these people give up everything else in their lives to achieve such success? Or risk everything they have to start a business that luckily succeeds? What about the time taken from their families in order to grow and become a business success story?

The top 2% WORKS HARD for what they have. The give up the things that many other people take for granted every day. They create jobs, keep our economy going, and are the leaders in innovation that drive our economy. They also pay enormous taxes (some upwards of 50%) on those earnings already. (Remember that nearly half of Americans pay NO federal taxes, yet receive federal benefits.)

How anyone can suggest they just “give more” is beyond me. These people already give more than any other demographic. Where does it end?

Let’s compare the issue to something that the majority can better relate to. You work hard – 40 hours a week at your job. You make a decent salary, but have to save for some luxuries. You might even take a second job to make a little more money so you have more disposable income. You set some money aside and now can afford to buy that new iPhone or a flat screen TV or take a vacation. Then someone comes along and says, “You have too much. You don’t need that TV or phone or vacation. We are going to take that money away from you and give it to those who need it more.” You are left dejected, unmotivated and angry, because you worked hard for that money so you could buy those things. Now its been taken from you…so what is the point of making those sacrifices, working the extra hours or getting that advanced degree? Success is punished.

America cannot afford to punish success and innovation. It is what drives our economy. So quit picking on the top 2%. They have worked incredibly hard for what they have, and they are the reason that most Americans have a job at all.


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I am a business owner, consultant, speaker, trainer, wife and mom of 3 amazing kids who is passionate about keeping America great for generations to come. I also like to keep a watchful eye on society, culture and the realities of life. Life is interesting - we may as well blog or tweet about it!


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