Rep. Kelly Speaks the Truth

Keeping an eye on what is going on in Washington, D.C. invariably means that I can often be critical of what our lawmakers are doing on a day to day basis. With all the corruption, greed, and closed door deals, its hard some days to find that ray of light. But today, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), you have earned my respect.

If you have not seen his statement from yesterday, you need to watch it. How refreshing to see a politician tell his colleagues that they are all in “la-la land” and not understanding the American people. Rep. Kelly has a business background, and is 100% right when he talks about why the private sector is holding back. The economic climate and uncertainty is toxic to business growth and confidence.

Thank you, Rep. Kelly, for the straight talk! Keep up the good work!


About Eye on Politics

I am a business owner, consultant, speaker, trainer, wife and mom of 3 amazing kids who is passionate about keeping America great for generations to come. I also like to keep a watchful eye on society, culture and the realities of life. Life is interesting - we may as well blog or tweet about it!


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