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Andrew Breitbart Unscripted!

Conservative bloggers and activists were entertained by Andrew Breitbart at the RightOnline 2011 Grassroots Award Dinner on June 18.  He was full of great quips, laughter, jabs at the media and at himself.  He also addresses the “not so kind” greeting he received when he stopped by the NetRoots Nation conference.  Do yourself a favor – click play.

Its definitely worth the 30 minute watch, but if you are looking for the Cliff’s Notes version, here are some quotable moments:

“If you can’t sell freedom or liberty, you suck.  And by suck, I mean profoundly…irrationally.”

“My goal is to take down the institutional left now.”

“The most important tip I can give you is to be petty.”

“I don’t care if its Chablis5322 with 2 followers, I will argue with that person…for 8 hours.”

“Film that bitch!”

“I am petty.  That is news!  I want to fire that lady!”

“We are at the most exciting time ever in the history of media.”

“I want to be a ray of light right now.  I want to bring people together.   Its really why I’m here, and you know that.  I like liberals.  I do.  The ones that are nice.  The ones that tell the truth.  The ones that hung out at the bar last night until 2:30 who are nice.”

“I want to change minds.”

“We cannot continue to preach to the choir.  We have to continue to bring in new people.”

“I have a special project that I’m working on…Operation Alan Colmes.  I am going to convert him.”

“If I can convert Alan Colmes, we can convert the world!”


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