Bachmann on Fire at RightOnline!

Michele Bachmann at RightOnline - Photo by Don Irvine

In full disclosure, not only am I from Minnesota, but I happen to live in the 6th Congressional District, which makes Rep. Michele Bachmann my state representative.  Because of this, I’ve had many opportunities to see her speak.  Despite all those opportunities, today, I saw Bachmann at her finest.

Today was her first appearance in her home state since she told the world that she had filed her papers to run for the Presidency of the United States in last Monday’s debate.

She was electric, on point, and most importantly – authentic.  If there is one thing you can count on from Michele Bachmann, it is that you get what you see.  She knows who she is, knows what she believes in and isn’t afraid to tell you.  She takes a position, and sticks to it, even if its not popular.  Every now and then that gets her a little political trouble, but she doesn’t care, because she believes in her principles even when they aren’t popular or “politically correct.”

In my opinion, this is her greatest asset.  You know exactly where she stands.  The American people are yearning for a leader that will be strong, tell it like it is, and have a clear direction.  They are also yearning for a leader that will respect the Constitution, our freedoms, our image as a world power, and who is willing to make the hard decisions to get our country back on track.  Bachmann is definitely all those things.

Well done, Michele.  Well done.


About Eye on Politics

I am a business owner, consultant, speaker, trainer, wife and mom of 3 amazing kids who is passionate about keeping America great for generations to come. I also like to keep a watchful eye on society, culture and the realities of life. Life is interesting - we may as well blog or tweet about it!


4 thoughts on “Bachmann on Fire at RightOnline!

  1. I’ve been closely following Bachman since the ’10 midterms and the more I hear the more I like her.
    Personally, I love the fact that she’s opinionated and sticks to her guns.
    Beats the hell out of the political chameleons we’ve grown used to.
    Great article.

    Posted by igetitalready | June 18, 2011, 11:51 PM
  2. As a nation, we’re starving for a Conservative candidate who will take the bull by the horns and do what is necessary to bring us back from the brink of destruction. If Michele is that person, great. More power to her, let’s go and get her elected. Probability is high that the liberal media will strive endlessly and tirelessly to carve her up and destroy her just like they did with Sarah Palin, but the reality is, that the bulk of the voting populace is made up of either those that are “not” political junkies and those who vote based on how much they can obtain from everybody else’s tax dollars.

    I would love to see a Bachmann/Cain ticket or a Cain/Bachmann ticket or either with Chris Christie or Marco Rubio, but, it’s awfully early in the process and who knows what will happen. I’d vote for Michele in a heartbeat. Go, Baby, Go…………

    Posted by davisoftheapes1 | June 19, 2011, 5:30 AM
    • You speak the truth. I was just having a conversation last night about how we have a large portion of voting populace who has little to no idea who these people are, or what they stand for, but they do know who they need to vote for to keep the gravy train flowing.

      It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. One thing is for sure – it will not be dull!

      Posted by Eye on Politics | June 20, 2011, 1:26 AM

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