Meet #Weinergate’s Sexy Six

Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to inappropriate internet relationships with six women over the last 3 years, and so far we’ve heard from five.  Any bets on whether the media will uncover even more women?  While we wait, let’s meet the women of Weinergate 2011.

Lisa Weiss – A 40 year old Las Vegas blackjack dealer who carried on a very explicit online sexting relationship with Weiner for 9 months.  Weiss also claims to have had phone sex with Weiner on his Congressional office phone line.  You can read the sordid details at Radar Online.

Megan Broussard – A 26 year old single mom from Texas, studying to be a nurse.  She claims to have exchanged hundreds of messages, some sexual, during a month long internet relationship.  Weiner sent her the naked photo of himself just 9 days before the story broke.  Weiner called her from his congressional office and has confirmed she is one of the women he communicated with.

Gennette Cordova – A 21 year old college student who was sent (accidentally publicly instead of via DM) the infamous underwear photo that blew up Weiner’s world.  It appears there was only a friendly relationship based on politics, but that he was maybe attempting to move the relationship to another level as he did with the others.

Traci Nobles – A 35 year old who works in physical education and health fitness promotion for elementary and middle schools.  She is the latest to come forward and has admitted to inappropriate conversations, although they don’t seem to rise to the level of some of the other women.

Ginger Lee – A 27 year old stripper and former porn star that is keeping tight lipped (no pun intended) about her relationship with Weiner.  It appears Weiner attempted to get her to lie and offered PR help when the scandal broke.  Some reasonable deduction could guess that perhaps this is his most incriminating relationship.  Only time will tell.

Unknown #6 – I give it 24 hours…


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