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Quit Picking on the Top 2%

I might just explode if I hear one more person say that the top 2% isn’t willing to pay their share! Are you kidding me? When did we become a nation (or state) that is ok with punishing innovation, hard work and success? I don’t care if you are Bill Gates and have millions to … Continue reading

Hipocracy Alert – Obama Lectures Congress

I’m on fire today. Beware… After listening to Obama lecture Congress about leadership, the hipocracy, once again, is outrageous. Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Laura Ingraham (guest hosting) reminded us that Obama has played golf 17 times and attended 33 fundraisers just in 2011. How many hours, by his own admission, has he spent on … Continue reading

Rep. Kelly Speaks the Truth

Keeping an eye on what is going on in Washington, D.C. invariably means that I can often be critical of what our lawmakers are doing on a day to day basis. With all the corruption, greed, and closed door deals, its hard some days to find that ray of light. But today, Rep. Mike Kelly … Continue reading

Andrew Breitbart Unscripted!

Conservative bloggers and activists were entertained by Andrew Breitbart at the RightOnline 2011 Grassroots Award Dinner on June 18.  He was full of great quips, laughter, jabs at the media and at himself.  He also addresses the “not so kind” greeting he received when he stopped by the NetRoots Nation conference.  Do yourself a favor … Continue reading

Bachmann on Fire at RightOnline!

In full disclosure, not only am I from Minnesota, but I happen to live in the 6th Congressional District, which makes Rep. Michele Bachmann my state representative.  Because of this, I’ve had many opportunities to see her speak.  Despite all those opportunities, today, I saw Bachmann at her finest. Today was her first appearance in … Continue reading

Power in Numbers at RightOnline 2011

It’s here!  Today, I’m blogging from the RightOnline conference, organized by Americans for Prosperity Foundation. I have much to say, but I have to say that the information flow is so fast and furious, I cannot even spend time to write too much!  So, I will leave you with the link to watch LIVE. My … Continue reading

New Email Quotes from Weiner show Obsession with his Package

The press conference with Gloria Allred and Ginger Lee just ended, and while not much was said, there were a few choice quotes pulled from emails that Rep. Anthony Weiner sent to Lee.   Lee claims that anytime Rep. Weiner took things in a sexual direction, she did not reciprocate. “You aren’t giving my package due … Continue reading

Why the fuss over Bachmann?

During and immediately following the CNN debate tonight, the twitterverse was filled with praises for Michele Bachmann.  Many declared her the winner, but why did she fare so well?  And why were people so surprised? The answer is simple.  People were expecting her to fail, to look like she didn’t belong, and to say the … Continue reading

Not a Good day for the Main Stream Media

No wonder America has had it with the Main Stream Media, and frankly, today Fox hasn’t been much better! The majority of coverage is either of Weiner’s weiner, past sex scandals, or a revelation of some wishfully juicy bit found in Gov. Sarah Palin’s old emails.  Yes folks, according to the major networks, this is … Continue reading

Meet #Weinergate’s Sexy Six

Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to inappropriate internet relationships with six women over the last 3 years, and so far we’ve heard from five.  Any bets on whether the media will uncover even more women?  While we wait, let’s meet the women of Weinergate 2011. Lisa Weiss – A 40 year old Las Vegas blackjack dealer … Continue reading

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