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Navy SEALs – Amazing…

If you haven’t read the play by play of the SEALs mission that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden, you NEED to.  Its amazing.  This group of dedicated military members is something that every American should be proud of.

I’ve read the story 5 times now, and each time I learn something new.  Knowing that things went wrong from the get-go, and yet they still accomplished the mission is impressive.  Starting the mission with a helipcopter crash, thus blowing the element of suprise, I’m sure made for an extra stressful 38 minutes!

We owe SEAL Team 6 a debt of gratitude.   Their courage, strength and collective sacrifice are something to be admired. These special forces units take on the toughest tasks that need to be accomplished, and their success rate is outstanding.  We are lucky to have them as a part of our top-notch military operations.

So take a moment, and remember…we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have if it weren’t for the brave men and women that serve our nation.  We owe them a debt of gratitude.


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